7 / 17 / 2017

E.V.E. (Energetic Vibrational Exchange) .
I have been meditating constantly over this since we spoke last week.  The E.V.E. is also how I percieve this exchange of energy, throughout all of the our "Metaphysical" Bodies or "Emotional" Vibrational Bodies. I Love how the writings you have done have made this complex subject easy to understand. 

The recording is a meditation I created simply using The Great Invocation. I thought this was to be a good starting point.

I would love to hear your thoughts and open the discussion, as you already have Ignited. My gift and purpose is to help bring the sound vibration into aural and visual surroundings for the individuals to "Ignite" thier  Soul Purpose and continue on their individual paths with more freedom and clarity about who they are. 

In this manner we are able to change the World & the Universe. It begins within our own belief system and can change with a mere Breathe. This Breathe of intentional focus is then passed to "Mother Earth" who is resonating at an astounding level of our combined "Soul" Experiences, ever changing and evolving. 
Intuitive Composition for Aligning Your Soul Purpose